Русская версия.

Two Russias are said to exist. A Russia, which is Moscow and the other Russia, which is the rest of the country. Only 260 kilometers northeast of Moscow - and you will find yourself in Yaroslavl, one of Russia's loveliest "Golden Ring" cities. It is an ancient cultural center with a thousand-year history, as well as a modern industrial city with a population of about 630,000. Located on the bank of the Volga River, it provides boundless opportunities for work, business, sport, relaxation and cultural experiences, without the crowds, organized crime, and expense of a larger metropolis. This is the setting for our Russian Language Program.

Far from the areas of ethnic strife and close to the heartland of Russian culture, you will learn the language and come to know the people of Russia in a distinctively different way than those who stick to the beaten path. Our program offers tours of Yaroslavl's numerous churches, museums and theatres, as well as excursions to other cities of "Golden Ring".

Yaroslavl residents like to say that their ancient city has many beautiful surroundings, with Moscow on one side and Saint Petersburg on the other. Yaroslavl is the home of the first Russian theatre and some more modern ones as well, a local symphony orchestra and a circus. Yaroslavl is also the site of six universities, including International Academy of Business and New Technologies (MUBiNT).